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About Us

BoiceBox Pedal boards is dedicated to manufacturing high quality, durable, solid wood pedal boards that are distinctive in their design & function as well as their craftsmanship & esthetic detail.

We specialize in durable, sustainable, and beautiful bamboo as well as several other materials and we have many sizes and layouts available from the BoiceBox ‘Tiered’ models to flat & wedge models.

All models are available with removable lids creating a stylish self- contained travel case with a recessed handle and classic road case hardware or with a padded gig bag.  The pedal board can be purchased separately also.

All of the BoiceBox models are designed to be highly functional and built to last and to highlight the craftsmanship & detail of construction but we are especially proud of the tiered models. This design is the result of hours of R&D, a bit of trial and error, and a lot of brainstorming with serious players who wanted simply to create the best functioning pedal board we could make. The raised back row with slight forward angle provides for the best possible access to your efx pedals with virtually no bumping or accidental engaging of the pedals in the front row. The hinged platform provides for perfect “under the hood” location for AC power outlet, I.O. jack access, and DC power supply as well as other static gear such as buffers, eqs, etc. The rocker pedal slot (either right or left side) provides the critical flat spot for your Wah or Volume pedals and the cord openings in the partition wall and hinged platform allow for easy routing of cables. All of this makes for a very user friendly rig that just works and happens to look pretty cool as well.