There are several modifications available for your Boicebox:   (Please call or email us to request any of the modification on this page)

 - We can add 1/4" I/O jacks in mono:

                         $20 for the first one and $15 for any after that.

                                           Or in Stereo:

                         $25 for the first one and $20 for any after that.

These are great for running additional EFX loops outside your Boicebox "Main signal Chain" or running multiple instruments (input) or multiple amps (output) using 'A-B' switchers. There is a limit to how many we can practically install ... but we have managed to fulfill all requests so far:

Isreal Nebakers rig (1 Mono and 1 Stereo in and 3 mono out)       Steve Comins Rig (2 mono inputs, 5 mono and 1 stereo out)



    - We can custom color your Boicebox in:  

                                                                                 Aqua, Tangerine or ...                                                              Ebony                            

               All colors $35 additional ... Please call or email to request custom stain.

 - We can also do several variations on layout with "upper Tier Extensions":

R. Stabley Rig  (Custom Ebony, 3 additional 1/4" I/O jacks, (2) tier extensions)  Call or email for pricing

 - We can modify the power inlet/outlet fixtures to accomodate over seas power needs:


We install a 240V rated IEC inlet on the outside ...                               And a 240V rated IEC outlet on the inside and supply an IEC male to female extension cord. IEC cables are ubiquitous and getting the proper Male IEC to female iEC should be no problem no matter where you are.

   This feature is no additional charge ... Please call or email to request this option.

Installing IEC I/O