21" flat pedalboard with integral hard top cover Not currently available
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Constucted from the same super durable and of course beautiful Bamboo material that our 'Tiered' models are made of, these flat models are a classy and well designed variation on the classic flat pedalboard lay out. Like our tiered models, our flat boards all come standard with 1/4" I/O jacks for "Plug & Play" convenience and an integral Hard Cover providing light weight, secure protection for your gear. The Boicebox Flat models all come with our exclusive 'Brush Slot Cable Stash' which allows you to simply push you excess cables down into the 'Stash' below the 'Brush Slot' capturing them in the just the spot you want them while cleaning up the mess on top. Easily plug your own patch cable into the on board 1/4" jacks to make a complete signal chain that you never need to mess with again. Just show up at the gig, remove the lid, and plug in your guitar to one side and your amp to the other ... and play! Check out our demo video.

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Picture of F-21HT (21" Flat Pedal board)
F-21HT (21" Flat Pedal board)

21" Flat Pedalboard with built in I/O jacks and integral lid.

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