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"After owning numerous pedal boards through heavy touring the past 4 years, nothing compares to my Boicebox! I find the bamboo wood design not only looks better, but is more space efficient, lasts longer and is easily repairable compared to the more common plastic boards. I also love to be using a product that is environmentally friendly! I strongly recommend the Boicebox to any touring musician."

Jeff Crosby - Jeff Crosby and The Refugees/Equaleyes
"I love my Boicebox! Every serious guitarist deserves one. You can tell a musician and master craftsmen built this effects system because every detail and guitarist need has been thought of and perfectly executed. As a gigging musician I need to know my gear is going to perform. The Boicebox delivers that peace of mind. I drop it at my feet, plug into it, and GO! Perfect every time .... and it looks cool as hell! This is a box I am as proud to pull out as my prized guitars. Finally! After years of buying, breaking, & building my own boards I know the Boicebox is the last pedal board I will ever need."

Wade Port - Four Stroke Bus
"For years I searched for a complete pedal board solution and was unable to find one.  I asked Peter to build what I had in mind and the result was beyond my imagining.  The two-tiered angled layout truly enhances my performance, especially for pedals with real time controls such as tap tempo.  My main focus was that level of performance and ease of use, but once Peter took hold of the idea he perfected it to create a beautiful, road worthy, and highly functional design that any musician would be thrilled to use."

Chip Booth - Kim Stocking Band/Spare Change
"If I had a voice recorder for the amount of compliments I get on this board my file would be full. People come up to me intrigued by the beautiful wooden bamboo case that I have on stage. People gawk at how well built the Boicebox actually is.  Then you take all the electrical components and realize just how innovative and special it is. Everything you need is practical and right in front of you. The 1/4 inch jacks are built into the pedal board and there's an outlet in the middle of the board so that the board is entirely self-sustaining. The beauty of this board is that it now takes me 1 minute to set up where as before it took me 5 minutes."

Adley Penner - Antioquia
"I love my BoiceBox. Peter customized it to accommodate my loop and several other effects pedals.  It's a double-decker board, so the power source is tucked out of sight, and I can easily reach all the pedals. They fit securely and do not move with travel, and the electronics work very smoothly. The bamboo case is attractive and durable, and packing up for a gig is very easy now - plug and play.  Peter listened very well to my needs, and his customer service is impeccable.  I can't say enough good things about him and his work."

Tom Archie - Dr. Tom's Alchemy