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Boice Box Image Gallery

(Click on thumbnails to get larger image)

Some new rigs we wanted to share:

Jerko Dabelic:

Biggest Boicebox Yet! 33" X 19" (Inside dims) plus a full lengh hinged tier. thats 867 sq inches of usable space!

 Still waiting for some pics from Jerko when board is set up.

Drek Choice:


Anders Hofseth:



Steve Comins used (4) seperate BOICEBOX Pedalbaords to create an increadible Multi AMP pedalboard RIg:

The first images Steve sent as he developed his signal chain:


Steve Was using a T-26HT as well as a F-21HT and 2 smaller custom flat boards.

Recently he sent me images of  the final set up:


(4) BOICEBOX pedalboards (lids on)                 Lids off!    

4 Small custom flat boards ready to ship:



Andrew Birds rig from show @ Stubbs in Austin for SxSW '12      

Andrew's Wheelie rig. This was the first one of these we made for Andrew's tour to London & Paris. He wheeled it through the airport and carried it on & put it in the overhead!




Alan Hampton's Pedal Board. (Waiting for images)  


 Jeremy Ylvisaker's Rig @ Stubbs ANdrew Bird Show in Austin for SxSW 





Here is a shot of Israel Nebeker's         (Blind Pilot) T-16HT on stage:  

Paul Mcardle (winner of the T21-HT drawing) has set his rig up as well: