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Technical Information

Welcome to the BOICEBOX Technical information page. Just click on the links to view the PDFs. (you will need Adobe reader or other software to enable you to view PDF files).

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Product Instructions: The following are full instructions in PDF format for all of the Boicebox products available on the web site

T-21Z instructions       T-21HT Instructions       GB-21 Instructions       SC-CL Instructions       SC-BL Instructions



Frequently Asked Questions

 - So, How much stuff can I fit into a BOICEBOX Pedalboard anyway?(Click on the thumbnails below to get larger image)


                           (T-21)                                                                        (T-26)                                               (inside dims. [All tiered models])


 - So how much does a BOICEBOX weigh?

   The T-21HT weighs about 14.5 lbs and the T-26HT weighs about 15.5lbs ... seem like a lot?

   Here is a fun fact: PedalTrain PT/2-HC is a lightweight pedalboard surface with a hard case to put                   it in (for protection).... It weighs 18 lbs including the case and it has 300"sq of usable space ...

   The boicebox T-26HT doesn't need a case because the lid is integral ... it weighs 2.5 lbs less                              than the Pedaltrain PT/2 with hard case ... and it has 463"sq of usable space!

 - Can I get custom sizing?

     The BOICEBOX Tiered models are built in a large jig in order to assure that all the parts come together flush and clean when the box is closed. This makes custom sizing in the tiered models impractical. As of now they are available in the T-26 and T-21 only. We can shorten or lengthen the upper tier within the enclosure (please email for details and pricing)                                                                                                                          

The flat models are available in almost any size you want (Pricing based on request).

There is a  that we have been building for several clients. Here are some drawings of a board we built for a client:  (click on image to expand)


   The theory here is that because the enclosure is essentially a flat board with a deeper lid, it could be built any size. The Tiered section would be our standard 16" x 7" hinged aluminum part with all the same features as the tiered boards. This board would be  priced based on the dimensions desired. (If you are interested, drop us a line with some specific dimensions and we will work up a price)